What is so different about ChoFleurs?

The ChoFleur story begins with our muse, the muse of flavour, without compromise. Together with our muse, we embarked on a journey of discovery around the world, looking for new unique flavours.
Because you can indeed find exotic fruits and characteristic spices everywhere in the world.

We 'captured' the tastiest for you in a ChoFleur. In search of the purest and most delicious fillings, we tasted each ingredient and tested every possible flavour combination. It can be tasted with your ChoFleurs, you can see it in us. :-)

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The bar is set high for ChoFleurs

The only fats in quality chocolate should be cocoa butter and milk fats. Of course, the praliné also contains nut oil.

But apart from that, your ChoFleurs do not contain any other (cheaper, inferior) fats.

All our sugars are natural. There are no artificial sweeteners in your ChoFleurs. And of course: no colourants, flavour enhancers, alcohol or preservatives. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

On the plantations where our cocoa comes from, people and environment are treated with the utmost respect: because the growers of our cocoa beans also deserve a good life.

A ChoFleur is a heavenly bite-size filled chocolate that fits neatly between your taste buds and your palate.

Discover our 36 unique flavours

Awesomest chocolates! #chofleur #handmadechocolate #belgianchocolates

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Extraordinarily tasty

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These pralines not only look beautiful, they are also very tasty and on top of that, we also receive a bit of poetry on our journey of flavours.

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We are currently snacking and enjoying to our hearts’ content

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The driving forces

In 2014, father and son Michel and Pieter Verhaert came up with the idea to make chocolates. Not just any pralines, but pralines that are different, purer and tastier. And that is not an easy thing to do in chocolate country Belgium.

Moreover, we were not trained chocolatiers. Our experience was primarily with tasting chocolate. ;-)
But look. With a teaspoon of daring, a tablespoon happiness and a ladle full of help from chocolate sorcerers (big thanks to A, E, F, J, Y and many others).

With a pinch of stubbornness, a portion of the patience of a saint and an ounce of common sense. With the i's dotted and the t's crossed, lots of trial and error, and a piggy bank bordering on empty.

- It’s with great pride that we introduce you to our ChoFleurs. Our most fervent wish is that they give you a few blissful moments.

Allergen info

Each ChoFleur can contain traces of lactose, tree nuts, soya, gluten, eggs, sesame or peanuts.