Our ChoFleur packs

Small (9 pralines)

The ideal introduction box.
Choose your 9 favourite flavours at one of our stores.
Price: 10,50 euro. A refill costs just 9,50 euro.

Medium (22 pralines)

This delicious ‘flower meadow’ makes a fantastic gift. 22 pralines enable you to sample over half of our collection.
Price: 22 euro. A refill costs 20 euro.

Large (36 pralines)

The cherry on the cake: our full collection in a fold-open flower with four little dishes that you can decorate the table with. No more rummaging through the pralines on the top layer before you get to your favourite. Giving this little gem as a gift guarantees to get everyone smiling. Or simply indulge yourself in a moment of happiness that is a hit every time.

Price: 34 euro. A refill costs 30 euro.

Allergen info

Each ChoFleur can contain traces of lactose, tree nuts, soya, gluten, eggs, sesame or peanuts.